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a website where i discuss general horror, silent hill theories, analysis, my alternate universes, post fan content, and the things that inspired silent hill. may leak a bit into twin peaks & life is strange, with some Secondlife horror builds & mods sprinkled in + fun nonsense. i also want to write xenohorror stories, a term i want to coin for nonhuman-centric horror. you can read more about it on the xenohorror page in the nav.

under heavy construction


PLEASE READ: Content Warning List

I cannot moderate who enters this site, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND OR CONDONE PEOPLE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 ON HERE!

In other words, this website may contain NSFW content due to the nature of both horror and Secondlife. Any possible graphic NSFW of sexual nature will be labelled, gore & blood will not be labelled- sorry, thats the nature of horror!

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